Text 2 Apr 8 notes

If you don’t have a strong opinion on an issue or don’t want to debate over it then DO NOT go to a public forum and post misinformation about the issue or advocate an extreme political reaction to the issue that will negatively impact millions of people. Please do not attempt to frame your position as unbiased or coming from authority. Especially if the issue is politically relevant largely due to the spread of misinformation. 


Disinterested person: Posts: “I am a nurse, I know about medical stuff, I do support a woman’s “right to choose” but abortions are really bad because fetuses can feel pain.”

Pro-choice person:  ”No that’s not true, here is why (insert links/evidence)”

Disinterested person: "Oh, that doesn’t matter, I don’t really care about the issue that much."

Pro-choice person: ”What? but you literally just told thousands of people a very wrong thing. You’re influencing their opinions with misinformation!”

Disinterested person: “omg listen, I don’t want to debate about it I don’t care.”

Pro-choice person: This is why we can’t have nice things. 

Text 16 Jan 2 notes

What if after a NAMBLA child sex trafficking ring was discovered a movement to restrict free speech and press gained ground in the US but then instead if targeting the actual problem, groups like NAMBLA, congress passed the “The Free-speakers Protection Act” which primarily prohibited saying, publishing, or reporting any speech critical of corporations, banks, or the government. Then all over the internet and news liberals were enraged and started calling it a massive infringement on the bill or rights, started posting pro-free speech quotes from the founding fathers, and some even started hinting that a revolution could, and maybe even should, spring up over the unconstitutional law. 

LOL relax left-wing speech nuts; the corporate black helicopters aren’t coming for ALL your precious words! There is absolutely no reason a civilian needs be able threaten the entire economy by speaking out against companies! You don’t even know anything about the 1st amendment. CAN YOU EVEN READ?! Do you even care about children??  A few REASONABLE restrictions on speech are not against the 1st amendment. The founding fathers never could have imagined a world in which anyone’s words could be spread across the entire country by the internet in seconds. The constitution is a living document, it’s over 200 years old! Maybe its time for some changes??? **Insert out of context Thomas Paine quote about future generations being able to change the constitution** You wanna to see some future Marxist terrorists just browse on over to the free speech tag. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Can these people just not??” 

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